Inside Job Analytical Report

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INSIDE JOB. " Was the 2008 MELTDOWN avoidable?"

Memorandum of Transmittal
To: Sir Azmat Ahmad Ansari From: Syeda Benazir Burhan Date: 28/2/2013 Subject: Analytical Report on the Documentary 'Inside Job' In response to your request of 14/2/2013, I have analyzed the documentary Inside job. I'm pleased to present enclosed report, which summarizes the financial break down in the year 2008, described in the documentary. Based on my analysis, the subject of Inside Job is the global financial crisis of 2008. It features research and extensive interviews with financiers, politicians, journalists, and academics. The film follows a narrative that is split into five parts. The film focuses on changes in the financial industry in the decade leading up to the crisis, the political movement toward deregulation, and how the development of complex trading such as the derivatives market allowed for large increases in risk taking that circumvented older regulations that were intended to control systemic risk.

I would like to thank Sir Azmat Ahmad Ansari for showing us the documentary, it was a great source of help in developing my analytical report on the financial crisis caused in the eyar 2008. Feel free to call, if you want to discuss the report or require any additional information.

Table of Contents:
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Contents Memorandum of Transmittal Executive Summary Analytical Report on the documentary 'Inside Job' a. Introduction

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Part (i): "How we got here?" c. Part (ii): "The Bubble" d. Part (iii): "The Crisis" e. Part (iv): "Accountability" f. Part (v): "Where are we now?" Biblography Appendix Glossary Index b.

Executive Summary
Inside Job is a documentary by Charles Ferguson, about the causes of the global financial crisis of 2008. The basic premise of Inside Job is that the global financial crisis of 2008 was the effect of a series of causes beginning in the 1970s. These causes most prominently include - (i) deregulation that allowed excessive and reckless actions in finance (ii) fraud (iii) conflicts of interest (iv) sabotage. The result of these actions was a massive decline of financial stability for the global masses and a correspondingly massive incline of financial gain for a minority of heads in high finance and government - a trend that continues today.

Analytical Report on the documentary 'Inside Job'
Inside Job is a documentary that encompasses everything we would need to know about what exactly happened in the Financial Crisis, which we are still facing today. This film which is directed by Charles H. Ferguson describes the corruption and greed by many of the most famous Financial companies we know of. There are five parts to the film which talk about “How we got here”, “The Bubble”, “The Crisis”, “Accountability” and “Where we are now.” The gist of this movie, which begins in a mood of calm reflection and grows angrier and more incredulous as it goes on, is unmistakably punitive. The density of information and the complexity of the subject matter make “Inside Job” feel like a classroom lecture at times, but by the end Mr. Ferguson has summoned the scourging moral force of a pulpit-shaking sermon. That he delivers it with rigor, restraint and good humor makes his case all the more devastating. Dozens of interviews — along with news clips and arresting aerial shots of New York, Iceland and other disaster areas — are folded into a clear and absorbing history, narrated by Matt Damon. The music (an opening song, "Big time" by Peter Gabriel, and a score by Alex Heffes) and the clean wide-screen cinematography provide an aesthetic polish that is welcome for its own sake and also important to the movie’s themes. The handsomely lighted and appointed interiors convey a sense of the rarefied, privileged worlds in which the Wall Street operators and their

political enablers flourished, and the elegance of the presentation also subliminally bolsters the film’s authority....
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