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Microsoft Excel 2010 Training
Microsoft Excel 101
Instructor: Debbie Minnerly


Course goals
 Find popular commands quickly on the ribbon.  Learn how to use the File menu (Microsoft Office Backstage view).  Learn essential tasks such as opening existing workbooks, creating new workbooks, setting up a spreadsheet, formatting, saving, and printing.


Microsoft Excel 101


Office Environment in Excel
Quick Access Toolbar

Window controls and Help


Scroll Bar

Status Bar and sheets
4/19/2011 Microsoft Excel 101

View options and Zoom control

Excel 2010 Ribbon
File – managing files Home – common tools Insert – insert objects Page Layout – printing Formulas – functions in categories Data – working with data Review – spelling, protecting, sharing View – how Excel appears on screen (does not affect printing) 4/19/2011 Microsoft Excel 101 4

Excel 2010 information
 Available Columns: A through XFD – 16,384 columns  Available Rows: 1 through 1,048,576  There are over 17 billion cells in each worksheet!!!!  A cell is the intersection of a column letter and a row number. The cell address can be found in the Name Box just above column A.


Microsoft Excel 101


Workbooks and Worksheets
 Each Excel file is a Workbook containing one or more Worksheets  Default setting provides you with three worksheets – you can add or remove as needed from there  Worksheets can also be reordered within the file and renamed – you can also copy or move a worksheet to another workbook (file)

 Several sheets can be used for one project, containing it all in one file, or you can still use one file for each part of a project, depending on your needs.


Microsoft Excel 101


Basic Editing
   Click a cell to type into it. After typing, press Enter to move down one cell or press right arrow key to move to the right one cell. To delete the contents of a cell, select the cell, then press Delete on the keyboard To replace something in a cell (or cells), select the cell (or cells), then begin typing the replacement. Or, you can press Delete on the keyboard before typing the replacement. Undo/Repeat the replacement (this works even after the workbook has been saved)

Moving/Copying Data:
  Select a cell and choose Cut (to move data) from the Ribbon or choose Copy (to make a copy of the data) Click in a new cell and choose Paste from the Ribbon

Remember – there is always more than one way to accomplish a task (usually two or three ways) so find what works for you. 4/19/2011 Microsoft Excel 101 7

 Be sure to save your work as you go. There is a Save button in the Quick Access Toolbar – click it often.

 The first time you save a workbook (Book1, etc.) you will be in the Save As dialog box where you will enter the name of the file. Use any combination of letters, numbers, spaces and special characters. While in Save As, be sure to note the location of the workbook so you can find it later – usually defaults to My Documents.  Automatic Saving – Excel 2010 is very efficient and will save your work as you go even if you do forget. Go to File/Options/Save to view or update save options. Note - there are a few special characters that cannot be used: (" * : < > ? \ / |.).

Remember to save your work as you go. You can click the Save button as often as you’d like. 4/19/2011 Microsoft Excel 101 8

Backstage View

The File menu in Excel 2010 opens what is known as Backstage view. This is where you can manage your files (open, save, print, find info, etc.) and set program options (formerly accessed through Tool/Options).


Microsoft Excel 101


Creating a new Workbook
 When you start Excel, you’ll see a new blank workbook (Book1). You can begin typing in that workbook or choose to create a new workbook.  To create a new workbook, go to File/New then click Create (under Blank...
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