Insane Asylums

Topics: Psychiatric hospital, Psychiatry, Mental disorder Pages: 3 (922 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Are you mental?
Who are we to decide what crazy is and what it brings? Some people might say that being crazy is a mental illness. Others say crazy is what you make it. Meaning that you can be normal and then when something excites you, you become crazy. Some people think that crazy is caused by heightened emotion sexual, sad, mad, or hunger. Ill take you through the thoughts of a crazy person and show you our inside world.

Mental hospitals were the worst before the 1844. All the mental patients were either put in public basements or stuffed into prison, who were cramped together and living in their own waste.
People that were sent there were unwillingly. Most of the cases that were sent there kept hearing voices in their heads and had a killers instinct. Most of the people that was sent there either saw hallucinations or heard voices in their head. The people or nurses that worked at the mental hospital had various jobs among them. They were to talk to the patients and help them emotionally as well as physically. At most of the hospitals though mental patients were raped and abused. One of the many things that happened to the patients that they thought would help was the draining of blood and they would put the patients in chairs to calm them down.

A well known mental institution was the Danver State Hospital. Also known as “The State Lunatic Hospital”. It had over 2300 patients, and was considered the birthplace of Lobotomy. The doctors used barbaric procedures, and electro shock therapy to keep the inmates in line.

What constitutes someone as crazy? Is it the fact that they have a mental illness or is it the fact of what we will do to people to gain power in life? Some say that really heightened emotion that changes quickly is crazy; or seeing object and people that aren’t really there makes you the definition of crazy. “” says that Mental illnesses are medical conditions that disrupt a person's thinking, feeling, mood, ability to relate...
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