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  • Published : May 18, 2013
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Character| Explanation|
0| User must enter a digit (0 to 9).|
9| User can enter a digit (0 to 9).|
#| User can enter a digit, space, plus or minus sign. If skipped, Access enters a blank space.| L| User must enter a letter.|
?| User can enter a letter.|
A| User must enter a letter or a digit.|
a| User can enter a letter or a digit.|
&| User must enter either a character or a space.|
C| User can enter characters or spaces. |
. , : ; - /| Decimal and thousands placeholders, date and time separators. The character you select depends on your Microsoft Windows regional settings. | >| Coverts all characters that follow to uppercase.|

<| Converts all characters that follow to lowercase.|
!| Causes the input mask to fill from left to right instead of from right to left.| \| Characters immediately following will be displayed literally. | ""| Characters enclosed in double quotation marks will be displayed literally.|


This input mask | Provides this type of value| Notes|
(000) 000-0000| (206) 555-0199| In this case, you must must enter an area code because that section of the mask (000, enclosed in parentheses) uses the 0 placeholder. | (999) 000-0000!| (206) 555-0199

( ) 555-0199 | In this case, the area code section uses the 9 placeholder, so area codes are optional. Also, the exclamation point (!) causes the mask to fill in from left to right.| (000) AAA-AAAA| (206) 555-TELE| Allows you to substitute the last four digits of a U.S. style phone number with letters. Note the use of the 0 placeholder in the area code section, which makes the area code mandatory.| #999| -20

2000 | Any positive or negative number, no more than four characters, and with no thousands separator or decimal places. | >L????L?000L0| GREENGR339M3
MAY R 452B7 | A combination of mandatory (L) and optional (?) letters and mandatory numbers (0). The...
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