Input Device and Thesis Adviser

Topics: Input device, Problem solving, Output Pages: 3 (764 words) Published: January 12, 2013
III. Project Management
3.1 Calendar of Activities
The proponents made a Calendar of Activities and it will display here those activities we did for a week. 3.1.1 Description of Activities
Our thesis adviser discussed chapters 1 and 2. After discussing the chapters 1 and 2; some students find their respective groups for thesis. Our group, first find a Host Company for our System Proposal and that is NOLSEN CONSTRUCTION AND TRADING. Then we asked them if they have a SALES AND INVENTORY SYSTEM. The proponents interviewed the company, and we analyze their minor and major problem of the company. After we analyze the problems; we made the documentations for Chapters 1 and 2. Then we consult our documents to our thesis adviser. The proponent was waiting for the consultation of documents. Until we revised some errors of Chapters 1 and 2; after revising some documents, the proponent was presented the title defense. Then the proponent was waited for the results of title defense; until the panelist decided that we will re-defense of our proposal. The days have been passed; the company of the proponents has been quit, because our system that we proposed for the company was complicated for them. So the group decided to find a New Host Company, and that is the SYDNEY RAY’S MINI GROCERY STORE. We interview the Host Company and we analyze their major and minor problems. We talked our thesis adviser and panel that we need to propose our New Host Company. And then, we arranged the whole Chapters 1 and 2; we re-defense for the second time. But our panelist was not satisfied for major and minor problem of the company. So that, the panelist decided to revise and re-defense our documentation for the third time. Finally, the proponents passed the third defense. The Thesis Adviser was discussing the Chapters 3 and 4, while the proponent was waiting for system checking.

1. DATA GATHERING - The proponents asked them on how they accomplished their inventory by manual monitoring....
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