Input and Output Devices

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1.Five factors you should consider when assessing the suitability of hardware device for connecting to a computer is; •Speed,

2.When installing a new component into a computer system the tasks involved are; •Add the component to the computer, either connecting in through an existing port or plugging it into an expansion slot in the motherboard. •The available ports on most computers include serial, parallel and universal serial bus (USB). •Install and configure the driver software that allows the computer to communicate with the new component.

Input deviceTypesSpeedReliabilityRobustness
KeyboardQWERTY KeyboardUp to 10 characters per secondGood – very reliable all keys typed appear on screenModerate – easily damaged by rough handling and spills MouseAccupoint mouseSlowModerate – can be affected by dust, dirt and bright sunlightModerate – damaged Barcode ScannerUp to 50 characters per second – depends on the operatorGood – relied on by retail stores, although hard to read if icy or dirtyDepends on type – supermarket scanners far more robust than hand-held scanners Light PenUp to 50 characters per second – depends on operatorGood – relied on by libraries and video storesGood – generally well constructed and difficult to damage Touch-sensitive screenSlow, up to 5 characters per second – limited by the operatorGood – accurate indication of position touchedGood – rugged construction for use in public places JoystickAccupoint joystickSlow (cannot be measured in characters per second) – limited by the operatorGood – mechanically simple, with operator compensating for any slight inaccuraciesGood – simple design, so relatively difficult to damage Video DigitiserSlow (cannot be measured in characters per second)Moderate to good – depends on range of factorsModerate – some easily damaged Document ScannerFairly slow – up to 100 characters per second with...
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