Innovative Widgets Customer Service Plan

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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Kamaljeet kaur
Student id bc120087
Diploma of management
Bsbcus501c task 1
Introduction about customer service :hi my name is john and I am working in restaurant as a customer service . main customer skill is good communication skill ,speaking , listening ,respect to customer,understand to everything like ur reatsurant dishes Performance objective:first thing is good communication skill and all staff have knowledge like how to treat the customer and understand rthe everything about ur restaurant . Make sure the wait staff knows the menu, has tasted the specials, and understands the preparation and ingredients. When dealing with the public, it is important to display a positive attitude. There may be customers who are rude and upset. The customer service representative uses restraint and helps the customer resolve her problem in the quickest way possible.and keep smile on your face and you have patience for servicing the customer. Dimensions: dimensions right, customers will hand over the keys to their loyalty. Because they'll have received service excellence. According to what's important to them . excellent service quality. RELIABILITY-Ability to perform the promised service dependably and accurately. RESPONSIVENESS-Willingness to help customers and provide prompt service. ASSURANCE-Knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to convey trust and confidence. Pricing : when we r servicing the customer we know about our restaurant menu and what is price different deals and how to sarv to customer . we should know about the product quilty and price the product excellent. Materials :when we doing customer service we should know which martials is used our chef in curry like which one gluten free and which one is not spicy and mild one . all staff should know about the all curry and indigents. Delivery : first when you do order from the customer first u tell to customer about your menu and what is of the different curry and after then listen to the...
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