Innovative Technologies

Topics: Scientific method, Quantitative research, Qualitative research Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: May 8, 2013
The purpose of this research is to see if innovative technologies tools help the learning experience for students. Today, innovative technologies tools are being used in a class room frequently. The results of the research will show if it helps the learning experience for students. Qualitative method research was used in this particular study. The first step of this study is to ask for college students to complete an Information Technologies survey. The survey was sent through email through the blackboard system and also through a social media (Facebook). The second step is to gather all the data that were collected through the survey. My interpretation prior to the survey is that technologies do help the learning experience for students. This study in fact was interesting because this is the first study I have ever done and it’s regarding how technologies are used in a class room. This study I can definitely relate to because I am a student and I have used different technologies in the class room. The technologies I have used in the past and currently are blackboard, tablets, laptop, projector, and computer. It is interesting to see how a class environment changes throughout the years, from chalk blackboard to projector. Since, I grew up with all these technologies so, I prefer the professor to use the projector to teach rather than a blackboard because blackboard can be messy and hard to read. With the projector, it is so much easier to easy and much clearer than a blackboard. We can see how social informatics are changing the way we are learning in a classroom as we use innovative technologies. For example, I think blackboard is a great technology tool to use in a class room because we can always use it for a discussion outside the class, we can submit all our work through it, contact classmates, and etc. More professors should use blackboard more often because it is such a great technology and it would make an impact in the class. This study I conducted was...
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