Innovative Miking Techniques

Topics: Drum kit, Microphone, Drum Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: November 27, 2011
Tommy Smith
Recording Techniques
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Innovative Miking Techniques
Within the audio recording industry, microphone techniques are a way for engineers and producers to be creative and innovative. Many engineers have their ”go-to” techniques that make them a creative force of their craft. There are many “out of the box” miking techniques that are use within the recording industry. Recently I tried some “out of the box” techniques for kick drum that most engineers would consider odd or maybe even fascinatingly interesting. This included many different tunneling type techniques using actual drums as the tunnel. Butch Vig, who revolutionized the 90s music with his production of Nirvana’s Nevermind One of the miking techniques used on that record was the extreme row of bass drum shells without heads for the tunnel. (Sound on Sound,1) He used an AKG D12 about feet from the front drumhead and place a FET 47 at the end of the tunnel. (Gearslutz,1) It is difficult to totally hear this effect on the actual record because there are sample placed over the ambient drum sounds. I tried this technique with three bass drum shells with a Yamaha NS-10 sub kick and the FET 47 at the end of the tunnel. It sounded like a “woofie” cannon. Another technique that I saw used by Scotty Wilbacks was an actual drum hoop that was about 2 feet wide. It essentially attached to the drum and was used to tension the drumhead. It looked like it was made from a hard plastic or fiberglass. This kick drum was a classic fifties model Ludwig 14x22. They were pristine condition and sounded incredible. We used a Shure Beta 52 about six inches the front head and then a Rhode NT2 at the end of the tunnel. After that we covered the whole thing with blankets. This technique is by far one of my favorites of out of the box techniques. The problem is that I need one of those extended drum hoops. The last kick drum tunnel technique that I used was a slight twist on the...
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