Innovative Entrepreneurs

Topics: Walt Disney, Entrepreneurship, Roy O. Disney Pages: 3 (778 words) Published: October 9, 2011
This paper will compare Walt Disney, representing the traditional entrepreneur, with Bill Miller.

The Disney brand is embedded in the minds of millions around the world. In fact, it would be very difficult to find anyone who hasn’t been or dreamt of going to any of the Disney amusement parks. Walt Disney, née Walter Elias Disney, is an American film producer, director, screenwriter, voice actor, animator, entrepreneur, entertainer, and philanthropist (Wikipedia, 2011). During his teenage years, he had begun entertaining many with his cartoons and Laugh-O-Grams. Disney, innovator and entrepreneur, eventually opened his own Hollywood studio with his brother Roy, which has grown into a multi-billion dollar empire. Disney, as a more traditional entrepreneur, knew very early in life that he wanted to pursue some form of artistic animation that audiences that could connect to on a deeper level. He wanted to impact the human element with the stories he told using the characters he designed. Bill Miller too, has made a strong impact in the lives of many. Bill Miller’s video is quite moving. His story as an entrepreneur “who happens to be a quadriplegic” and his acceptance of his circumstance are compelling and inspirational. Miller has impacted the lives of many wheelchair-bound individuals and their respective families and friends, specifically with his innovative apparatus that provides those who are paralyzed the ability to go bowling. His aim, as stated on his website, was to enhance the quality of life of the disabled by affording them the same opportunities of fun entertainment that fully

mobile individuals enjoy. Of course, he did not set out to be paralyzed from the neck down. In fact, I’m sure if he were asked if he could go back to August 23, 1997, he would probably be honest in saying he would have made some different life choices. Nonetheless, the key quality that was conveyed by Miller’s video was the absence of self-deprecation. In fact, his...
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