Innovative Advertising of Toyota

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  • Published : October 6, 2012
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When I was in Philippines, Australia, and Hongkong, I’ve seen lots of cars which made by Japanese companies like Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi and Nissan. Especially I could see Toyota’s car such as Camry, Corolla, etc. I was very wondering why there are so many Toyota’s cars like that. Apparently, Philippines was occupied by Japan for few years and they don't have their own automobile company, but that’s not the reason about that. As we may know, Toyota’s cars are well known for their good quality, reasonable price, economical fuel-efficiency and eco-friendly. So, I just guessed why there are like that. However, there is one significant fact. After reading the pages about Toyota, finally I could know the reason. That is, Toyota’s innovate advertising strategies. According to pages in the textbook, we’re supposed to know how well Toyota advertised Scion, which is one of automobile product of Toyota, to improve brand recognition. The following sentences are which is summarized of the case and result. The automotive industry is a global multi-billion dollar business where competition is very intense. Lots of companies are competing to be the world’s No.1 car manufacturer, but the thing is how many cars can be sold as well as how much profit can be made. Toyota has been known for its manufacturing innovations. Especially the Scion, geared toward Generating Y, which includes those born between1980 and 1994 and expected to account for at least 40% of vehicle sales after 2009. To be attractive to them, Toyota has been using segmented advertising as its major media-based strategy for scion. Also, it uses search engine marketing, mass advertising and one-to-one targeted marketing, all of which are aimed at increasing brand recognition. According to a Clickz report, Toyota used ad in website and social networking profile pages to offer interactive features. In August 2007, Toyota launched Club Scion, a three-story virtual nightclub with dance floors, music, and hot tubs in...
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