Innovations in Sport

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Innovations in Sports

Sport is movement and moving. Rules change and new (variants of) sports are invented. Today, controversies abound about the use of technology in sports. The rapid advances in sports science, prosthetics and artificial materials, is a fact. The question of what is legitimate and what gives the user “unfair advantage” is likely to occur with increasing frequency. 

In order to form an opinion about any of these changes, gaining information and do some investigation is necessary. In this period you will concentrate on gaining information about and investigate innovations in sports. You will also invent a “new” sport. You will be assessed on criterion A: use of knowledge

The final product will be a report, containing:
Part A: Debate “Innovations in sports” (questions/answers) Part B: Case(study) “Sport X”

Part A
Debate “Innovations in sports”
Questions P.E. (after the debate)

1. Give some (current) examples of where the technology meets sports.

a. Electronical:
Fitness equipment,
b. Technological:

c. Medical:

2. Which of the current innovations appeals you the most? Explain why.

3. Is there an innovation that you dislike? Explain why.

4. Say yes to innovations in sports, why would you (objective)?

5. Say no to innovations in sports, why would you (objective)?

6. What is your personal opinion on innovations in sports in general (subjective)?

Part B
Sport X
Case study

You are an IOC (International Olympic Committee) member famous for your knowledge about different sports. One day the board asks you to introduce a new -not yet existing- sport to the Olympic schedule. Of course you need time to design, develop and introduce the game in countries all over the world. Here are the things you need to take into account:

The game
- Every country...
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