Innovation of Ipad

Topics: IPhone, App Store, Apple Inc. Pages: 3 (874 words) Published: April 21, 2013

Technology has been moved towards advancement day after day bringing new and improved devices and system. People are always on the verge of inventing something new and exciting. About a decade ago, mobile phone was rarely used by people but now everyone has a smartphone with all the possible gadgets in it like camera, video player, internet and more. Talking about disruptive technology which almost replaced any other company in new innovation was Apple. Apple launched iPhone which was one of the major successes in disruptive technology because it provided every bit of comfort to its user while using it. When apple launched ipad in 2010 there was a huge marketing and hype about its new innovated technology in the market. It was 10 inch tablet which runs on IOS (iphone operating system) as any other apple product. The ipad only runs apps from the Apple App Store. There are thousands of these applications available in the iTunes from movies, songs, games and more. The ipad is not a necessity like the smartphone which do have the same gadget however it improves the quality of life of its users. Ipad has been used by the first author in two units offered by the Department of Statistics at Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia): a second-year Introduction to Probability unit (PROB) and a masters-level unit Mathematical Background for Biostatistics (BCA), delivered through the Biostatistics Consortium of Australia (Simpson, 2009). The use of technology, particularly the use of ipad, has supported a different mode of teaching in these two units that takes account of the general needs of the students and it enables students to be responsive to their individual requests. The ipad has been used as a way to involve, and motivate students through high-level presentation and communication tools. It has changed the approach in learning, experience simpler and deeper. Students will now experience the most amazing textbooks they’ve ever...
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