Innovation - Microsoft vs. Apple

Topics: Internet Explorer, European Union, Microsoft Pages: 2 (683 words) Published: February 1, 2011
The toughest field in the computer business industry is innovation, because as soon as you put your product on the market it’s already obsolete. And if you don’t recognize and take advantage of even the smallest opportunities you come along, getting ahead and keeping that position can become very difficult. The fact is that both Microsoft and Apple have been plagued with missed opportunities over the years even though both have some of the strongest brands in the world.

Now, the reason why Microsoft has dominated the market is quit simple. Besides the fact that both companies have very different core products and working culture, Microsoft is the world’s biggest and richest company, run by the world’s richest man, who succeeded in high jacking the internet with an insecure and messy browser called “Internet Explorer”, which many computer fanatics feel like renaming “Internet Exploder”. The product is in such critical condition that you constantly have to run update after update so that it can be used somehow. The updates often called “Patches” are also used as what their name indicates.

Opposite Microsoft there are a lot of other companies Apple and the creators of Firefox, who has around 1500 programming geeks and PC nerds spending every minute of their life on creating a new browser, that before the launch is checked in every possible way with beta-testing for more than a year, and is now highly secure and user-friendly; the result of intelligent and dedicated people whose satisfactory salary, is just being a part of the making process.

So the conflict isn’t merely the design or the marketing strategies it’s the basic conflict between pragmatism and idealism. Microsoft is the pragmatic company that stops modifying their products as soon as something works; if it can be sold it’s good enough for them. They put it on the market as soon as possible even though it has many flaws, but to this problem they make upgrades after upgrades, and fix the main...
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