Innovation Management and New Product Development

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Introduction to Marketing Design and Innovation3
The Rationale: Product Choice – The Processor4
The Evolution of the Processor Chip5
1971- Intel 4004 Processor6
1979- Intel 8008 Processor7
1993- Intel Pentium Processor8
2001- IBM POWER4 Processor10
2007- AMD Phenom X411
Industry Trend12
Brand Appeal in the Contemporary Market13

Introduction to Marketing Design and Innovation
Marketing Design and Innovation deals with developing strategies and tactics to enhance a company’s competitive advantage through the determination and creation of consumer wants and then identifying and positioning novel (innovative) products to appeal to those customers. Philip Kotler (1994) defines Marketing as “The societal marketing concept holds that the organisation's task is to determine the needs, wants, and interests of target markets and to deliver the desired satisfactions more effectively and efficiently than competitors”. Simply put, marketing and innovation is about taking a conceptual, turning it into a real product, creating a desire and making a profit by selling it.

The Rationale: Product Choice – The Processor
The microchip processor was chosen because of the highly competitive environment the manufacturing firms operate within, the wide ranging global applications in which the chip is applied and the assiduous innovation advanced by the pioneers in the industry in their drive to market leadership. The processor is used in a wide range of numerous real world scenarios, from large scale naval weapons applications to life saving medical platforms and everyday personal use items and gadgets like watches, cell phones and calculators. It is this everyday personal application which continues to fascinate me that served as the impetus behind my choice. Having completed my Bachelor’s degree in computer science and as it relates to my current employment in the maintenance of electronic banking software I am continually amazed by the scope of modern day applications to which we have all grown accustomed that relies on the tiny device that is generally smaller than a quarter. Our world is powered by computer based technology that is all coordinated by this device. Outside of the microwave in our kitchens, the anti lock braking system in your Nissan Almera and the television wasting electricity in the background, the chip’s main impact on modern day applications is realized in home and personal computing. It has made all our lives easier. The fact that I can watch a live high definition Champions League game on my laptop wirelessly at home, while downloading a bitTorrent file with a file sharing network seeding peers from across the globe and chatting on my Magic Jack with a friend in Dubai all seamlessly and simultaneously, is thanks to the innovation that exists in my multi core processor. This narrative will attempt to provide the reader with the guiding marketing techniques, principals and theories that drove many of the innovations behind what exists today in the processor from the perspective of cores, performance and thermal design point i.e. the amount of power the computer must use to dissipate the heat generated by the processor in its highest throughput state.

The Evolution of the Processor Chip
Within the context of personal computers, the processor chip is known as the central processing unit (CPU). All instructions, commands and processes are coordinated, calculated and processed by the device. It consists of the arithmetic and logic unit (ALU) that handles calculation and logic functions and the control unit which is responsible for interfacing and controlling and coordinating communication between the output devices (monitor, printer etc...) and the input devices (keyboard, mouse etc…). The CPU is made by the micro thin layering of millions of silicone transistors which are responsible for resisting and...
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