Innovation Management

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The following report is based on Innovation management, which covers the details about Apple Inc. It includes product innovation, process innovation, service innovation and acquisition. It also describes about Apple’s strategy of creating value in products by using technology and some suggestion as consultants.

Apple is an American multinational, which deals in design and sell of premium range electronic product like iPhone, iPad, Computers (Macbook) and iPod etc. Founded in 1976 and now is one of the top companies in the world. It is the largest technology company by its profit and revenue. Apple is known for its innovative PRODUCT RANGE. They are giving more than the customer’s expectations. Apple is well known for its hardware and software product. In hardware, Macintosh is the range of computer like, iPod, iPad, iPhone and Macbook. As well as their software products range is very unique for example, Mac OS X operating system, iTunes media browser, Safari web browser, iOS operating system for mobile and iPad, creativity and multimedia software iLife and productivity software iWork etc. Apple, along with it’s quality products, is renowned for it’s before sell and after sell customer service as it gives premium kind of service to it’s costumers. Apple is Pioneer for high quality Macintosh computers, its product design and technology is admirable. It has its own R & D centre in California and design team leaded by its most efficient Engineer and designer Mr. Jonathan Ive. Apple management has a tradition of being always open for suggestions from their employees. Along with this Apple also made a lot of acquisitions to create value in their product and to save time for new inventions. Some important acquisitions made by them are Next, P.A. Semi, and Anobit etc.

How Apple uses technology to create value
Apple can be identified with the seven main points in terms of how using technology to create value. These points consist of * Updatable Apple operating system,
* I-Tunes,
* Apple store,
* Easy and useful design,
* Quick learning period,
* Improved battery performance,
* One segmented product on each category.

Apple produces its new operating system continuously, which supports its previous series devices. Most companies produce new operating system for only their new devices, so their customers who had purchased previous series devices suffer from that approach. However, the costumers of Apple do not have such kind of experiences. For instance, I-phone 3 was the first mobile phone of Apple. It was introduced on January 9, 2007. Apple developed new operating system for I-phone 3 in 2011 which supports most application in Apple Store. Most new version of applications could be run with the new operating system. According to Barney, J. (2002), that was an important value for costumers. This approach enables Apple’s costumers to have the same level of satisfaction with the beginning. The second main value is the I-Tunes. Apple offered to its customers to buy one song instead of whole album. People are generally willing to buy the hit songs instead of whole album. Apple follows customer’s behavior closely. Therefore, Apple created new music platform. I-Tunes was not only creative idea but also beneficial idea for its customers. That’s why, I-Tunes was the great innovation. The third value is the Apple Store. Most applications are free for Apple costumers in Apple Store. These applications consist of the categories of books, office, work, education, entertainment, TVs, finance, games, health, life style, medicine, music, navigation, news, newsstand, photograph and video, reference, social networks, sports, journey helpers and forecast. In each category, there are many different applications for Apple costumers. Steve Jobs stated that those applications made...
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