Innovation and Sustainable Development in India

Topics: Sustainability, Developing country, Economic growth Pages: 11 (3212 words) Published: December 10, 2012


The present paper has focused on the innovation and the sustainable development in India. It has been discussed that how innovation plays an important role in real economic growth and development of the country, it does not matter the underdeveloped or developing nation. There has been suggested various strategies to come up and fight against various problems faced by the economics. Resources is not a problem at all for the developing nations but the problem is utilization, through the innovative practices it is possible to bring strategic changes in any particular economy and India is not an exception for that. This paper included various approaches towards achieving sustainable development in India. The protection and management of natural resources are also discussed in this paper. An issue of sustainable development like population, finance, trade, technology, science and education and so on. Key words: Innovation, development, finance, human resource, poverty, sustainable development.


You must be the change you wish to see in the world

-Mahatma Gandhi

Innovation is an important key to accelerate economic growth and development of any particular nation of the World. There are many examples where innovation led to market growth, increase in export and overall transformation of the economies. According to the Growth Theory, developed by the Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Solow, technological progress and innovation is the greatest engine of economic growth. The industrial policies of the world’s developed nations give importance to the strategic role of innovations in generating new business ideas which will translate into greater economic growth. There are many countries aspiring to become a developed nation, it is imperative therefore, to transit to the innovation-driven economy. Economic condition of business organizations and the society as a whole today depends on their capability to produce and services that are better, cheaper and faster than their competitors. Innovation helps bring in this much needed change and improvements at all levels of business and economy. This helps improve the economic position of all the stake holders involved. Innovation today, is essential for the long-term growth of organizations.

Innovation is also the key to success in all social developments. Creative ideas and innovations challenge existing norms and foster positive growth. They help improve the overall quality of life. Innovative ideas can cross over the hurdles of social apathy, conservative mind sets and orthodox attitudes to usher in positive changes in society. An innovation changes existing rules, norms, thinking and structures to create a novel transformation. Innovations thus, help achieve sustained change in a given environment. Innovation has thus become the key to the sustainable development of the society.


In 1972, the then Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi emphasized, at the UN Conference on Human Environment at Stockholm, that the removal of poverty is an integral part of the goal of an environmental strategy for the world. The concepts of interrelatedness, of a shared planet, of global citizenship, and of ‘spaceship earth’ cannot be restricted to environmental issues alone. They apply equally to the shared and inter-linked responsibilities of environmental protection and human development. History has led to vast inequalities, leaving almost three-fourths of the world’s people living in less-developed countries and one-fifth below the poverty line. The long-term impact of past industrialization, exploitation and environmental damage cannot be wished away. It...
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