Innovation and Success

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Innovation and Success
McKenzie P. Reutinger
November 25, 2011
Andrea Henne

Innovation and Success
My paper is about business innovation, successful entrepreneurship, and being a leader in the business world. I am choosing to talk about Henry Ford. Both Henry Ford was successful business man and innovator. His ideas, leadership, and innovations have changed the business and industry world today. Henry Ford changed industry forever with his ideas and “Fordism.”

I am studying Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. My dad owns his own business and he has a farm as well. I plan on being an accountant, but I also plan on starting my own business. My boyfriend and I and discussed opening up a hunting store because we’d have a good market for it. I will inherit the farm and my dad’s business as well. I want to also own my own accounting firm. Being an accountant will be very helpful when I plan to work in and open small businesses. I hope to be done with my studying in the spring of 2013 and then unto to take the C.P.A (Certified Public Accountants) exam. If I don’t have enough credits to take the exam by graduation I will start my master’s degree.

My first leader is Henry Ford. Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company. He is also known for inventing “Fordism” Fordism is the organizing of mass production or more commonly known as the assembly line. Henry Ford was able to more efficiently make automobiles with this concept and lower prices. Since he was able to lower prices and be more profitable, he was able to better pay his employees and offer better benefits, which attracted some of the best mechanics across the nation to Detroit (Americanism and Fordism). Henry Ford was an innovator; he used the marketing mix to become a successful entrepreneur. His company still exists today, over a hundred years later, and was actually profitable in the fiscal year 2010, unlike other automobile companies, like GM, asking for government...
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