Innocent Voices

Topics: El Salvador, Salvadoran Civil War, President of the United States Pages: 8 (2636 words) Published: May 18, 2009
Innocent voices is a biographical movie about the littlehood of Chava (Carlos Padilla). Chava lives with his mother, Kella, (Leonor Varela), a dress-maker, his older sister and younger brother on the outside of the town. Their house is barely more than a shack made of tin and wood, but it is home to the little family at the beginning of the war when the father deserted them for the United States. Chava is now the man of the house. With increasing frequency the guerillas (the independent military who fights the government military) and soldiers engage in battle at night, regardless of the people who live all around. The homes are damaged by gunfire and mortar and many of the town’s people are killed. Chava and his sister go to school in the town and one day soldiers come to conscript boys into the regular army who are from 12 – 14 years old. None of the boys wants to turn twelve. Chava runs to the parish priest to tell him what has happened. The padre is shocked by the actions of the soldiers who also kidnap local women and struggles to protect the people. He aids the guerillas and is eventually taken away by the military. One night, Chava’s uncle (Jose Maria Yazpik) sneaks home for a visit. He urges Kella to let Chava come with him to join the guerillas because the soldiers will conscript him otherwise. Kella refuses. Meanwhile, life for the children goes on even with the continual threat of gunfire. Chava plays with his school mates and even has a girl friend. He makes friends with a bus driver (Jesus Ocha) who hires him to collect fares. The soldiers come looking for boys more frequently, and the youngsters hide out by laying flat on the roofs so they will not be seen. Things become so bad after one battle that Kella decides to move back to the village where her mother (Ofelia Medina) lives, thinking it will be safer. As the warfare becomes more intense and as more young boys are stolen from their homes to become soldiers, Chava with two of his friends makes a decision to join the guerillas. Unfortunately the night they escaped to join the guerillas become the worst night of his life the government military caught the secret guerillas based camp, attacked them with unstoppable bullets and arrested the children. They even shot two of the kidnapped kids on their heads but chava was the lucky one as the guerillas rescued them just in time. latter on his mother sent him to the united state as an illegal immigrant to save chava from becoming a child soldier. The International Relation Aspects.

The Salvadoran civil begin to develop since the assassination of Arcbishop Romero. Peaceful seem to fade away from the country as the police begin to open fire in the crowd. The civil war escalated to terminal destruction when the Salvadoran Government fought its people; the infrastructure collapsed when the FMLN (the left wings party who fight the government) captured much countryside, despite failed attacks in January 1981 and in April 1982. Not only the general level of violence. Simultaneously, the opposition strategy of the Salvadoran left was coalescing. In 1981, leftist parties organized with guerrilla groups to coordinate their efforts against the government, uniting to form the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (Frente Farabundo Marti de Liberacion or FMLN). Their counter offensive began in January 1981. Though the FMLN offensive failed on several fronts, they retained certain military strongholds and helped to focus international attention on El Salvador. In August 1981, France and Mexico formally recognized the FMLN as a "representative political force" and called for a negotiated settlement between the warring factions. The desire to prevent the kind of leftist takeover seen in Cuba and Nicaragua motivated the United States to get involved. Human rights - a cornerstone of President Carter's foreign policy - also propelled the U.S. to action.

The 1980 election of Ronald Reagan as President of the...
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