Innocent: the Bahamas and Gold Tiny Ornaments

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  • Published : April 29, 2012
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Innocent or Guilty

While there are many stories about Christopher Columbus and how he founded America and sailed across the seas, there are also many unhidden truths and lies that Columbus did and told. These untruthful lies that Columbus told led to other groups of people taking fault for his actions that he did and committed. One of those groups of people that took a lot of blame was Columbus’s men.

Columbus’s men traveled with Columbus wherever he went. They helped out Columbus when he needed them. However Columbus’s men were also falsely accused of murder, rape, and kidnapping of the Tanios. Columbus took advantage of his men. He was very dishonest with them. He even left some of his men behind while they were in the Bahamas and some of them got killed fighting with the Indians. Columbus knew he had control over his men and he could make them do whatever he wanted them to do. In Columbus’s own journal he claims he is dishonest. On October 12 a “sailor name Rodrigo” saw the early morning moon shining on white sands and cried out that it was on an island. The first man that sight land was to get a yearly pension of 10,000 for life. However “Columbus lied” and said that he had “saw the land first” the night before. Therefore Columbus got the reward instead of Rodrigo (Zinn,p.3) Furthermore Columbus states that he would take some Indians “aboard his ship” and take them as “prisoners” when he saw that they were wearing gold tiny ornaments in their ears. He “insisted” that the “Indians will guild him to the source of the gold” (Zinn, p.3) In Zinn, Howards A People History of the United States it is stated and there is evidence what Columbus intensions were. His aim was clear to get and collect slaves and gold. He went from island to island taking Indians captive. “He concluded his report asking for a little help from their majesties and in return he would bring back as much gold as they needed” (Zinn p.4)

Based on these...
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