Innocent Smoothies

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Innocent drink case study analysis:

Innocent drinks are a unique business selling 100% natural fruit smoothies. (Innocent drinks) There are many factors that contribute to the company’s successful development so far. Firstly, and most importantly, their unique selling point which is using just fresh fruit in their drinks. This is a major strength to the company as they fit in today’s trend of a healthy eating lifestyle. "They contain even more antioxidants than the average five a day" (Adams 2007).

Moreover Innocent has environmentally friendly packaging; their bottles are clear with simple product information in one colour. Straight away this makes it stand out more than the rest on that shop shelf. “They were the first company in the world to put drinks on shelves in 100% recycled plastic bottles” (Oracle 2008). However they did not carry out in depth research, they only asked consumers one question: “Do you think we should give up our jobs to make these smoothies?” (Bains et. al. 2008). No questions related to the product that could help them in the future were asked.

Moreover the founders abided by their principles and they only produced their products how they wanted to. This had moved them from a niche market to a nationalised company, now holding more than half of the market share. Furthermore they have met their social responsibilities in many ways such as projects in India, providing food for the homeless and the big knit- providing warmth for the elderly. “We knitted 20,000 hats to raise £10,000 money for Age Concern” (Innocent drinks)

Another factor of success to Innocent is their fun and informal business style. Their organisational structure is unique as their staff get bonuses on having children and snowboarding holidays. Even their website is fun-filled excitement; it has its own attractive style it tells you everything about them. Lester (2007) explains “Their Company’s offices are among the friendliest and relaxed in the world”...
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