Inner vs. Physical Beauty

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  • Published : October 25, 2011
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In today’s society, physical beauty and appearance is stressed from a very young age. Maybe unknowingly, your parents submitted you to a life of striving to be “beautiful.” Your parents may have given you a faultless, slender, beautiful Barbie doll for you to play with when you were younger, mistakenly cementing you in to a world where beauty is the solution to be happy and successful in life. In many fairy tales, such as “Cinderella,” being beautiful is associated with being a good person, which influences women and children to try to achieve beauty and worry less about their thoughts and character. Attractiveness is very crucial to most people’s everyday being because of the warped version of beauty our society displays. Instead of focusing on outer beauty, inner beauty should be the main concern of all people. One may be flawless on the outside, but beauty lies within a person, not external splendor. A truly beautiful woman is strong willed, kind-hearted, and well-rounded. If the inner beauty of a woman is superior, then it will be portrayed on the surface to people who know her or see her.

Real beauty is something that has to be natured and comes from within. An individual’s awareness of values, spirit and qualities are what determines genuine inner beauty. The beauty looked at with eyes doesn't last forever, so we should focus more on the inner beauty of people. When a person has true inner beauty, it shines through on the outside through actions, words, and character. A real beautiful person is someone that is aware of others and has pleasing interior characteristics such as kindness, generosity, caring, and compassionate.

Although we all fall crime to the cliché “judging a book by its cover,” we eventually come to realize that the essential characteristics of people are rather within a person’s soul rather than the beauty of their appearance. Most people are first attracted to others because of their outermost façade and don’t take into account their...
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