Inner Peace

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"Inner Peace", that was the lesson the Panda had learnt in its last Adventure in kung-Fu Panda Part 2. Inner Peace means that the body is in a state of peace from inside, so it can concentrate on the outer attacks.

I liked the idea, not because that many don't have any inner peace, but that when the panda had that Inner Peace, it could control the external environment, and defend itself from the Powers that had destroyed a whole town.

Although the Most Common Quote that said: " The best way to Defend is to Attack ", the Panda didn't believe in it. Do we always need to Defend to feel Secure, to feel in Peace?? Do we always Attack anybody we feel that he's an Enemy??

The Panda believed in that one: " The best way to Attack is to Reflect Attack, with Inner Peace". With Inner Peace, you can win the fight without starting it or even without thinking about it. You're just in Peace enough to Defend yourself and reflect all the Enemy's Attacks on him.

That's the Point, if you had Inner Peace, you'll live in Outer Peace, and in case that someone Attacked you, he'll be attacking on himself because you're in control enough to reflect all Attack and live in Peace, Outer Peace and Inner Peace !!!

Inner Peace, Wave 2 "The Power To Act" 

First, I need you to watch this video to get the message clearly.

Wow, that man was totally enraged and of course his Boss will punish him for this action. Will the Boss punish him for this Action, or Reaction. Was that an Action or Reaction? What is the difference between Action and Reaction?

The Difference between the Action and Reaction:
The Action is that behavior you do deliberately, with your own decision, without any external effects pushing you to do so. The Reaction is the things you do based on previous Actions. Hit me and I'll Hit you. If you didn't, I won't.

From these definitions, you can conclude that:
The office worker had a Reaction, not an Action. Did he really mean to jump on the desk like a monkey and smash all these devices that can cost him a lot of money? The real Action was done by the first guy by irritating him until he took his Reaction. He did mean to irritate his partner, although he didn't mean to get beaten, but that what happened. The problem is that the Boss will think the angry man is guilty compared to the first one, he was just kidding with him anyhow.

The Reaction was obvious and unwanted, the Action was unwanted but not obvious, neglected by many.

What is really scary about this is that many of our daily life Actions are Just Reactions, you're just behaving based on previous Actions done in the past days, weeks or even years. 

When you hear that a wife has killed her husband and threw his body to the dogs to eat it, what on Earth will let you do that, especially the one you chose to live with forever unless there were some series of Actions and Reactions made in the past, affecting the Future Actions.

As we say: "القشة التي قسمت ظهر البعير "

With Inner Peace, you can control your emotions though separating between them and your decision. With Inner Peace you can Act, so when people judge on your Actions, they'll judge right because these Actions are YOURS not based on previous Actions and Reactions made by Unkown.

Inner Peace, Wave 3 "The Power to Inspire" 

First, I want you to see this video, so you can get my point correctly !!

Children See... Children Do

It's a Fact that any person's behavior is mainly affected by his Parents. Kids imitate without thinking about being wrong or right. 

Sometimes we feel that our parents weren't children before but they were children, and it can be easily inferred that they were also Copying Machines  from their parents, and so on. But WHY? Don't these people have minds to use?? Why they're following the same way of their Parents??

I'll always believe in the old saying:
"اقلب القدرة علي فمها, تطلع البنت لأمها"

On the other hand, why do some people hate their...
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