Inner Journey Motorcycle Diaries

Topics: Che Guevara, The Motorcycle Diaries, Alberto Granado Pages: 2 (717 words) Published: February 28, 2011
Any Journey includes both realities and possibilities.
-to what extent does the texts you have studied, support this idea? Related Material ONE:
Only 23, he begins his journey as a medical student and emerges with a new perspective of South America. This perspective informs his future as a political revolutionary.  The journey, which had begun as a quest for excitement, cheap alcohol and available women, became, according to Guevara, a formative experience in his life. Following the trip he was to reject life as a doctor, a career for which he had begun training, and was to embrace life as an ardent revolutionary. It is this transformative journey, that apparently had a central influence on the direction of his life, that director, Walter Salles, has attempted to bring to the big screen. Few main points:

* Breakdown of the motorcycle half way
* When Che was so hesitant to cross the river at the start of the movie and then near the end he same through the dangerous river with no fear or second thought, shows the mental journey he has gone through. * When Che’s girlfriend tells him to buy her a swimming suit when they reach their destination and gave him money but at the end of the journey things turn out completely different and they use the money for another cause and they never did reach their final destination. * Change of career path.

* Narrow minded at the beginning of the journey later their minds change and broaden themselves to new aspects of life e.g. the Cuban war. * Through the characters they encounter on the road, Guevara and Granado learn the injustices the impoverished face and are exposed to people they would have never encountered in their hometown. The trip serves to expose a Latin American identity as well as explore the identity of one of its most memorable revolutionaries. * During their expedition, Guevara and Granado encounter the poverty of the indigenous peasants, and the movie assumes a...
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