Inner Fish

Topics: Gene, DNA, Organism Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Biol 4 - Spring 2013 Your Inner Fish SJSU/SAT

Question set #1 - "Your Inner Fish" -chapters 1-6. Due Mar 4, 2013 via Canvas by 11:59pm. Please type answers to the questions on this page in 12pt. font and single spaced. Please make sure your name and student ID are typed at the top of the assignment (25pts) #1 What did/does a flat head on a fossilized fish tell us about the shift from sea to land? It reveals the early stages in the history of our skull, our neck and limbs. #2 How is life on land different than in the water with regards to; breathing, excretion, feeding, reproduction and locomotion? All of these functions require very different organs and body parts in land than in water. #3 What do different vertebrates/phyla share (i.e. fish, amphibians, birds and mammals)? The all have limbs of some sort, whether it be fins, wings or arms, etc. #4 What is this book about? What is the author's main purpose? How skeletal remains of fossils and fish offer insights on the fundamental structure of the human body. Evidence of evolution. Organisms are more similar than they are different in respect to early stages of development and genetic make-up. #5 Darwin explains for similarity in limb structure. How can any organism (including humans) go from a single cell with DNA to trillions of different cells with different functions, but also with the same DNA? This is due to the different genes that are active within a given cell. These genetic switches turn on or off and allow for the function and development of an organism. #6 What is the name of the gene that every animal (vertebrate) has that controls limb development? Sonic hedgehog gene #7 What are Tritheledonts? Where were they discovered? What are important about their teeth? Tritheledonts are reptiles from South Africa and also in Nova Scotia. The teeth had tooth-to-tooth occlusion, similar to the earliest mammals, whereas reptiles prior to this species did not show occlusion. #8 Are humans segmented? If...
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