Inner Fire of the Individual: Like Water for Chocolate

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  • Published : November 28, 2011
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Monika Bruan
September 3, 2011
Inner Fire of the Individual
In Like Water for Chocolate, the most important message is the “inner fire” relating to magic realism, the characters, and having different tones. Thought the book Laura Esquvie gives examples of having an “’inner fire” blown out and when it comes back again. Having an inner fire in all the main characters lets the readers understand what the characters are going through. It is important to set different tones throughout the book to understand what the characters are feeling. The “inner fire “relates to magical realism because Tita connects her feelings with the food she prepares. One example is in the beginning of the book; Tita was sad and frustrated to know her sister and the man she loved was getting married. While she was making the wedding cake her tears feel inside the cake. During the weeding everyone ate the cake Tita had made and the guest were throwing up and crying about their lost love. Tita was the only one who didn’t throw or cry because she made the cake and put all her feeling in the cake. In Like Water for Chocolate, it is important for the main character, Tita to have her inner fire and not get it blown out by anyone. At first Tita gets her inner fire blown out when Mama Elena orders her to stay away from Pedro. For example, Tita got flowers from Pedro and Mama Elena makes Tita get rid of the flowers. Tita was sad that she couldn’t keep the flowers that Pedro gave her, but she did use it in her recipe. At one point Tita has her inner fire; she becomes independent and doesn’t let anyone bring her down. For example, when Tita went back home from John’s house, she felt free and she could start her life again. The “inner fire” is important in this book because it give us readers a sense of tone on how Tita, Mama Elena, Pedro, and the other characters are feeling at that moment. Mama Elena’s fire shows up when she is angry at Tita. She blows out Tita’s inner fire and has no...
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