Inner Conflict

Topics: Adolescence, Friendship, Virtue Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: March 1, 2013
‘We cannot meet everyone’s expectations of us without experiencing inner conflict’ Every single person in this world is different and everyone has different hobbies, interests, values and beliefs. Therefore we cannot meet everyone’s expectations of us, without experiencing inner conflict. All people around you will have expectations unlike those of your own or others, making it virtually impossible to please yourself and everyone else. Especially in adolescent years, one cannot possible know exactly who they want to be so in consequence may become confused when trying to be who others want them to be rather than who they want to be. Also when people meet expectations of say their friends, they can commonly be disobeying expectations of their parents or vice versa. This often finds that person in a moral dilemma. Think of your friends. Every single one of them will have a different personality, like different things and play different sports. You most probably will also have a slightly different relationship with each one. One you may watch movies with, one you may always be outdoors with and one may always be gossiping. If you tried to meet all of their expectations of you and thus acted completely differently around each one, your mind would go crazy trying to keep up. In the end it would turn out that because you are not truly being who you are, you would find yourself unhappy and not really having the best of fun. This would shine through your personality and you would constantly be having battles with yourself inside your mind. In this way, it is better to not try and meet everyone else’s expectations of yourself but more so your own.

Moreover, in adolescent years, one cannot possibly know exactly who they want to be when they are older. Do you think that teenagers turn out to be who they think they want to be? As individuals mature, their values and beliefs change and along side, parts of their personality do too. If you can remember what you wanted to...
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