Inner Beauty

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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Aquinas College
Outward beauty is transient, but inner beauty is lasting
She’s beautiful because she has long curly hair and light skinned. He’s handsome because he’s tall and has an athletic body. On the other hand a woman is far from gorgeous because of her curvaceous body and dark skin. Or a man is hideous with his four eyes and red hair. We all face a time in our lives where we are judged by our hair color, skin color, or our body size which all make up our outer beauty. Today we live in a condemnatory society where we focus on the outside appearance of people. For instance in the media, women are recognized for their physical appearance-their face, their body, their smile, their hair, and their projection. The same happens with men, it’s all about looks. Let’s take a minute to think. Should we really be concerned about our outer beauty that will change overtime, or should we focus on our inner beauty which matters the most? “Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates.”- Kate Angell. What exactly does that quote mean? Firstly let’s explore the real meaning of the two kinds of beauty mentioned. What exactly is inner beauty? It is the purest expression of beauty that the soul has to offer. While Outer beauty can be used to gain instant and temporary gratification in the physical sense, Inner beauty is “Spiritual Magic” which enables the person who possesses it to enjoy permanent contentment. Inner beauty can be described or compared to a warm glow that radiates from a burning coal that burns deep within the person who possesses it. It has the wonderful ability of making an average person have a strong presence. Persons who possess Inner beauty have positive and innovative personalities. They are well-read and have a wide variety of interests. In other words they have a sincere interest in life. When we encounter someone who possesses Inner beauty, time seems to stand still as we gaze in wonder at this special person who is standing before us. Just as...
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