Innate and Acquired Immunity

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  • Published : August 23, 2012
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Discuss innate and acquired immunity and how they are demonstrated by the mother-infant relationship.

The human body is amazing. The Immune System's main job is to protect the body from infection. It does this in Two major ways: innate immune system and the adaptive or acquired immune system. In the innate immune system innate immunity is developed similar to an army to fight nonspecific organisms and is always armed and ready to serve the human body against the first signs of infection. The first line of defense in the innate immunity army is the skin and other anatomic barriers such as tears, saliva, mucus and cilia in the intestinal and respiratory tracts. (These are known as Anatomic barriers.) If an infectious agent is able to slip through the first line of defense it doesn't take long for the body to find the invader. Neutrophils are patrolling the circulatory system for any signs of invaders or trouble. If an invader is found Neutrophils send out the call for back up troops such as macrophages and other immune cells including phagocytic cells. These cells work together to attack the invader and destroy it. Our second line of defense is acquired immunity. Acquired immunity is like the headquarters of the CIS (Cell Information System) for the immune system. Acquired immunity is developed with exposure to the invader and a defense is designed specifically for that invader and sent to the CIS headquarters so that if it invades again immediate action can take place and defend the body. So, innate immunity soldiers work in conjunction with acquired immunity soldiers to defend our bodies. Passive Immunity is where immunity is passed on from one person to another such as mother-to-infant, but disappears between 6 to 12 months of age. Passive immunity also includes immunizations. Some immunizations do wear off and require a second one to continue protection The mother-to-infant relationship with immunity is passed on in different ways. During pregnancy the...
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