Inluence of the Internet on Modern Society

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  • Published : October 26, 2012
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Influence of the Internet on the Modern Society

Kioko David



Since the inception of the digital era, the internet has increasingly influenced the society in many ways. Even though the internet has some disadvantages, its positive transformation of the social, educational and economical spheres across the world is phenomenal. Web-based social networking sites provide platform for interaction and making new friends. On the other hand, students and other researchers can obtain important information and reading materials over the internet. Currently, there many online commercial stores that have facilitated trade across borders.

Influence of the Internet on the Modern Society

The emergence of the internet as an educational, communication and business exchange medium has significantly changed how people interact and relate in their economic, social and learning relationships. The internet revolution has transformed almost every aspect of human life as it continues to shape how individuals spend their leisure time, how engage in cultural exchanges and how they communicate (Fuchs, 2008). The speed and expansiveness with which the internet disseminates information has effectively eliminated the global barriers that earlier limited people’s scope of communication to narrowly defined news editorials from local newspapers or national cable news networks. The spread of the internet to some of the remotest villages of the world has enabled individuals, some of them total strangers to socialize and transact business without the need for physical proximity (Fuchs, 2008). The significant role played by the internet in facilitating global interaction of individual in the social, business and educational spheres of life has however brought with it various socioeconomic evils that tend to cloud its positive aspects. Some of the social...
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