Inki Ltd Swot Analisys

Topics: Money, Accounting software, Customer service Pages: 7 (1665 words) Published: January 17, 2012


1. 60 shops are well placed in the market. Most of the shops based in high street, they are close to offices, which can mean potential customers. 2. In the shops sellers get to know customers one by one. There is a relationship with direct sales, which can help to have regular customers. 3. Competitive price structure. The price of the remanufactured inkjet is 20% cheaper than original branded. 4. 24hours delivery

5. High quality and guarantied product, which can minimise customer service. 6. Company is able to offer good customer service.
7. Hard-working staff all of them are willing to do overtime, if required. 8. Management has depth knowledge and experience of product. All directors worked in the same sector before. 9. Very focused directors able to produce a series of convincing annual business plans. 10. Highest quality standard in production, because of latest advanced equipment installed. 11. Cash and banking policy is ideal, which is followed by members. 12. Strong market demand. This market is expanding due to sustainability and carbon footprint. 13. Sophisticated, computerised stock control system

14. Staff willing to take qualification.
Inventory clerk has no accounting qualification
Purchase ledger clerk has AAT level 2 and wants to continue AAT. Sales ledger clerk has no accounting qualification but willing to learn. Costing technician has no accounting qualification but has a lot of experience. Payroll clerk has AAT level 2 and she is willing to learn.


1. Teamwork environment does not exist in accounts department. Staff is not able to take over each other works. Department is vulnerable to vital staff being sick leaving, etc. 2. Accounts department should be in a separate place/room. 3. There are problems with security system. Password security is inadequate. Most of the computers have same password. It should be different password for all computers. 4. Accounts department does not follow to back up IT system twice a day, which can be lead to lose hours of work, if is a problem with power cut. 5. Credit control system is not independent.

6. Poor credit control. They should send out chasing letter as a reminder before due date and phone up customers straight away if payment is not received in time. 7. Sales ledger clerk does banking and recording receipts in cashbook. These tasks should be done by different person. Sales ledger clerk does credit checking on subcontractors. This task should be done by managers. Sales ledger clerk works part time. It would be more effective to employ a part timer credit controller to focus on chasing payments, who could reduce bad debts. It would cost less for the company instead of pay for overtime. 8. Shop managers should do banking every day, which could prevent a big loss, chose by theft. 9. Rented premises, additional cost.

10. Lack of communication between shop managers and payroll clerk, which cause problem to calculate wages correctly. Inefficient payroll system, it is not easy to operate. 11. Company should have a check-in and check-out system individually for all employers, which could help to calculate wages correctly in time for sales staff. 12. Little internet marketing knowledge.

13. Family members are working together, which can lead to nepothism. 14. Weak in market niche research.
15. Costing clerk is not motivated. Company should offer carrier development and training. 16. The accounts department has a small staff, with a shallow skills base in many areas. Accounts department have lack of qualification.


1. More and more people do online research and purchases. 2. Trough internet sales and mail order, maybe open another location. 3. There are export opportunities to other countries. Use of internet to increase marketing and online sales. 4. Government provide...
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