Injustice in Philippines

Topics: Philippines, Manila, Metro Manila Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: December 25, 2012
Peace Foundation

Peace Foundation
Common Peace Injustices Encountered in the Philippines

Let’s face it. It’s hard living in the Philippines. Crime and corruption is as rampant as the millions of people living in Metro Manila. Just out in the streets, you can actually see and experience the abuse of power. Police and traffic officials basically steal money from motorists. Even out at the grassroot levels, discrimination is still practiced. Hardworking farmers lose out profit and land from vicious and abusive landowners. When will all of these stop? Though we can’t point out on a date or answer, we can identify some of the most common peace injustices done in the country. This in turn may essentially lead us to be more conscious, to be more active in fighting these negative occurrences happening all around us. Let’s get to know more about these Pinoy injustices:

Abuse me more, Power.
Power is the main source of peace injustice in the country. It comes in many forms, actually. Think about it – it can be as small as posting something negative in an online forum (mainly because of the Internet’s profile anonymities). It can be as pesky as a traffic officer asking for some money from a jeepney driver, in exchange for not taking away his license. Or it can be the abuse of political power, of using money meant for the country’s progress on personal and otherwise temporary cravings and things. Pride is a vile thing to fight. Once someone has something to be proud of, in comes the chance to use it to gain something more. Peace isn’t readily accepted in the country, if everyone continues to abuse their own rights and power.

Respect Me. I am Me.
Gender roles come in the mix of peace injustices. Just because your sexuality doesn’t belong to the town common genders, doesn’t mean you are left out on some of life’s opportunities. The local Gay and Lesbian communities in the country have their horror stories to tell. Just because someone applying for...
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