Injustice in 'the Wine of Astonishment'

Topics: Trinidad and Tobago, World War II, American films Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: June 1, 2013
Injustice in ‘The Wine of Astonishment’
The theme of Injustice reoccurred several times in the novel ‘The Wine of Astonishment’ by Earl Lovelace. On the whole, the circumstances were unfair to most of the Trinidadian locals in the period of World War 2, which was the time period in which the novel is set. A selected few of examples of injustice which emerged were when the Spiritual Baptists were banned from preaching, when Eulilee was treated badly for wanting to improve her life, and most of all, Bolo suffered from injustice when he was frowned upon for trying to help his people. The war seemed to have done nothing but cause havoc and formulate desperation among the locals. The Spiritual Baptist religion had existed in Trinidad for years and many of the people of Bonasse were members of it. When the Americans came to Bonasse during World War 2, a law was created disallowing the people of Trinidad to preach in the Spiritual Baptist religion. Though the members were doing nothing wrong, they were unfairly banned from worshipping their religion which meant the world to many of them. What had they done to deserve that? Eulilee was a perfect example of a victim of the war’s effects on Bonasse. She started out being with Bolo, a strong minded, popular man in the community at the time. She left Bolo for a richer, more financially stable man with power named Ivan Morton. Her decision did not come from a wicked or mean way of thinking; she simply saw an opportunity to improve her life, and took it. She was looked down upon and called different derogatory words for her actions, and in the, was left by Ivan Morton. In the end, she was left with nothing but a bad name. Of all of the people who were victims of injustice in the novel, Bolo suffered the most. Although everything he did had the peoples’ interest in mind, he was resented. Because of the way in which he handled things, he was always unfairly judged. He was imprisoned for fighting Prince, which he did to help...
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