Injustice Essay

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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injustice essay

The theme of injustice is conveyed throughout songs and stories such as the personal story of Johnny Lee Clary, which contains a consistent use of humour used to engage his audience, and the song ‘from little things big things grow’ by Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody which explores injustice through the use of music and repetition.

Whilst telling the story of the conversion from a racist clan leader to an anti-racism speaker, Johnny Lee Clary uses humour. This is an attempt at engaging his audience further and capturing their attention, it also lessens the brutality of the story and maintains a light mood while still spreading his message. An example of his use of humour is the story about him threatening to do to a back priest whatever he does to his plate if chicken, and then he kisses it. His use of humour is consistent throughout the interview.

During the interview, Clary speaks in first person narrative. This makes the story personal and easier to relate to, which creates a sense of trust and belief in what he is saying. Throughout the interview he continuously refers to himself, as a reminder that it is his personal story. By telling his personal story and sharing his thoughts and emotions on the experience, this audience can more easily relate to him as a person.

The theme of injustice is conveyed throughout the song ‘From Little Things Big Things Grow’ by Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody using music and repetition. Using a song to convey the message is effective because, unlike a speech, songs are not a one-off thing and can be replayed. The use of repetition in the chorus defines the message and purpose of the song. The sentence ‘From little things big things grow’ is repeated each chorus which causes it to stand out from the rest of the song because it is the main message and the moral. Using a song is effective in conveying the theme of injustice as it is not conveyed only once, but as many times as the song is played.

The theme of...
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