Injuries in the Nfl

Topics: National Football League, NFL Network, American football Pages: 3 (992 words) Published: April 22, 2013
National Football League Injury Controversy

In America sports are important but football seems to be vastly more important and more widely known as a specifically American sport. The overwhelming topic on any sports network such as ESPN and the NFL Network are the growing number of lawsuits against the National Football League concerning head injuries and lack of concern that the leaders of the NFL had about the risk players were being put in. Both sides of the lawsuits are passionate about their ideas and making sure that they are not only heard but that action will take place to resolve the situation as a whole. George Orwell states that “one can choose – not simply accept – the phrases that will best cover the meaning, and then switch around and decide what impression one’s words are likely to make on another person”. (115) The power of words can make or break an argument; the words surrounding the NFL Controversy are no different inevitable, permanent and intentionally misleading players putting them at serious health risk. Inevitability is the strongest stance that the leaders on the National Football League have against the concussion controversy. Football is one of the most barbaric, brutal sports played in America it is a high contact sport that is known for the big hits during crucial moments in a game. Because of the nature of the game there has always been protective equipment that the players are required to wear, one of the most important being the helmet. Players are signing contracts with various teams knowing that they are involved in a contact sport and that there is a guarantee that they will be hit. (Rovell) There is no way to stop a player from the opposing team that is running at their full speed to just stop on a dime and not make contact with a player, it simply goes against physics. Rules have recently been put in place fining players for helmet to helmet contact but you cannot knock out the contact entirely without changing the...
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