Injection Molding

Topics: Plastic, Present, Time Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Injection Molding
I will do my research in injection molding because this has to do with what is going on in modern manufacturing, in the plastics area. Plastic can be very useful and has many ways of using it. It exists for many years and we have used it through time since World War II and it has evolved through the present time. Companies had made constant changes to plastic searching a way to find economy in the products they sell and in the use of plastic in the last years. For example, in the food area we can observe plastic in the packaging for the transportation of food over the world. In the pharmaceutical area, the great majority of metals used in the years 1970 and 1980 for surgeries and now made out of plastic; for example: catheters operation, prosthetic parts, and heart operations. Recently, we can also observe it in the automotive industry since doors, bumpers, and even parts of the engine are made out of plastic. Also, we can learn about the history of plastic since its discovery to its uses in the military area, where we can see the pros and cons of using it in this specific area. During this research we can also see the convenience of recycling plastic. The recycling area has grown in the last years due to its benefits to the environment and to the economic area. We can see companies like Coca-Cola use recycled plastic to make their bottles for water. We can also observe the equipment used and the different controls established by government for plastic.
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