Initial Reflection

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  • Published : October 27, 2012
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关鑫蕊1102027003 英教1班
Initial Reflection
During the first writing class, I did learn some ideas about how to improve my writing ability after teacher explained her teaching goals and students’ objectives in details. Among the thoughts, there are three points give me great impression—cherishing my own idea, treasuring my classmates’ opinions on my work, and taking my initiatives to write. It is valuable to have my own viewpoints, even if they are different from others. Speaking from our exam, not every time we can get chances to search the internet or communicate with our partners. In the exam, the only person can give the advice is me myself. Then if I didn’t come up the topic ideas by myself, I could do nothing on the day without anyone else. So expressing my feelings every time is a kind of way to accumulate my ability for independent thinking. After finishing writing an essay, it is necessary to have a peer-editing. One who does things perfectly also will take mistakes that he can’t find by himself, for his thinking is limited at a regular thought. Therefore, another person, whose English level is the same as me or better than me, can check my essay with a new thought. And my classmates have already given me a lot of useful peer-editing since last term. Finally, whatever I think so well or I ask all my classmates or teachers to help me with my writing, if I never practiced and taken initiatives in learning, I would stay at the present English level. So many examples that who have wonderful contributions in English insist on practicing again and again, tell us a mature writer must give more efforts on his learning. And English is the language, the more you practice, the more you can handle. So is the writing. Believe or not, those are my summaries of this class. I will open my mind to think reasonable ideas; I will be humbled when I give my essay to my classmates; and I will try my best to repeat practice and be active in...
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