Initial Phase Plan on Project Sony

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Project Group Details

➢ CLASS: Feb- intake
➢ GROUP: Group 1

Project members

Name: Sylvia Ohagwu
Position: Project Leader
Mobile number:0624970900
Task: Is responsible for the project and directs the project group. Also prepares the project meetings with the secretary.

Name: Ravin Sidhu
Email: (
Position: Secretary
Task:Helps the project leader to prepare the project-group meetings and puts together the agenda.

Name:Linda Ezekwesili
Email: (
Position Project planner
Mobile number: 0685586589
Task:Monitors the schedule in the project plan and ensures that steps are taken to the situation.

Name:Husnain Saeed
Position: Project planner
Mobile number: 0659100614

Name:Daf Beerma
Mobile number: 0630265757

Name:Quebec Ehi
Email: (
Mobile number: 0631252939
Task:Maintains contact with the project group. Also communicates with the client.

Name:Amable Rukundo
Position:Project archivist
Mobile number: 0623465227

Name:Shanikwa Caines
Position: Project archivist
Mobile number: 0644407779
Task:Manages the project archive. Makes sure that all information are collected for the Project assignment, all reports on the project team meetings and meetings with the consultant.

Name of the project coach: Laan, Monique

Name of the consultant: Heesters, Margriet

Assignment analysis

-What is the assignment ?
We are newly graduates of an IBMS course and we are selected to enlist into a management traineeship in a major international company, as a team we are to create a complete business manual introducing new employees to Sony and fully describing the internal organization, its processes, products and financial situation of the company by thorough research as a team, therefore we have to find out details and informations from different sources in order to every necessary detail about the company we have selected. .

-Who is the client (what is his position)
He is the one entrusted to commission the whole project assignment, he accesses the work and the project outcome. The position of the client is being the accesor.he gives detailed feedback and in some instances he is the one to be convinced with our work, if he accepts or rejects it, we will definitely want to know the reason behind his gesture

-What are the client’s reasons for the assignment ?
To introduce the employees to the company Sony and to make sure we understand the diverse aspects of a business organisation policy, method of working and organizational structure, management and financial situation in a full view

-What is the context of the assignment ?
Working as a team the new employees will create a censorious understanding of the different divisions of the company its processes,products,organization and financial situation, the main idea of this assignment is to familiarize ourselves with the whole company which is Sony and to develop a new business manual so that future new employees are able to easily gain a complete view of the company

Informal meeting: Monday at 14:00 pm
Formal meeting : Thursday from 12:30 pm to 13:15 pm

Rules of the meeting:
➢ If you can’t make it to the meeting, you have to call or e-mail the secretary. ➢ Ask questions when you don’t understand something. ➢ No unnecessary conversations should be held during meetings ➢ All members should not be absent except if there is an important reason e.g. an appointment, sick call, wedding etc. ➢ As a team...
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