Inhumane War: Future Generation Should Not Follow

Topics: Time, Future, Painting Pages: 3 (958 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Art could be translated into numerous ways depending on the viewer. Some art required a closer look in order to interpreted and articulate its subject matter as well its formal analysis. Some art provided a clearer and more straightforward than the others, while some artist’s work is much unclear and more complicated that the viewer has to interpret preciously. Francisco Goya is one of a famous Romantic Spanish painter and printmaker, captured an unforgettable bloodshed moment in the history in his artwork The Third of May 1808, an oil painting on canvas that depict the execution of the rebels. In the painting, Goya suggests his argument for the brutality and consequences of the war to avert and warn the future generation from falling into the inhumane artifice.

Goya demonstrates and describes the horrifying mood and feel of this historical scene in this painting by using different kind of design elements. On the left side of the painting, a group of unarmed civilians kneeling and begging for mercy with the bloody innocent corpse laid beside them. On the right side of the painting there is unknown group of firing squad, pointing gun toward the civilians as like they were about to commit an execution. In middle, there is a group of spectators gathered beside the executioners and the condemned to witness the incident. The event is cover by a dark gloomy sky in the background and an unclear, lifeless castle that lost its perfection in the distance. There is only light that comes from a lantern set by the feet of the soldiers which gives high contrast that set apart between light foreground and dark background. This illumination is the focus point of the painting perhaps it might represent the power of the government (the soldiers) control over the civilians’ life. This light seem to represent as an alarm tool light up in order to alert the next generation for not fall in the same trap as this moment.

The appearance of each figure seems to tell the story of...
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