Inherit the Wind: Henry Drummond

Topics: Thought, Mind, Inherit the Wind Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: January 9, 2013
The authors, Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee’s, main purpose through Inherit the Wind is proving that humans hold the right to think. Henry Drummond is vital in this discovery because of his firm belief that one should hold this right. Drummond’s hero archetype is the cause for his strong feelings, and he succeeds when convincing the audience of his beliefs by revealing the contradictions underlying his witnesses’ inherited religious beliefs. Henry Drummond arrives in Hillsboro as an atheist, and leaves as a hero. The townspeople’s initial reaction to the news that Drummond is defending Cates, alerts the audience. This is most apparent when Melinda, a young girl, first sees him and screams “It’s the Devil!” (Lawrence and Lee ). Drummond does not let the citizen’s misconstrued interpretation of him distract him from his goal, to take a stand. Drummond uses the case as an opportunity to fight for the right to think and develop one's own truths. Slowly the townspeople start to see through Brady and start to see the true Drummond. The Drummond who is committed to defending Cates and respects Cates for "standing up when everybody else is sitting down."(Lawrence and Lee ). Brady and Drummond are alike in multiple ways such as their mutual respect for each other as well as their past together, but there are also very significant differences between them, such as their character. Drummond’s reason to defend Cates is to share a message throughout the world as well as protect an innocent man. Meanwhile Brady’s purpose is to gain popularity throughout the world, and only to help himself. Brady’s lack of dedication towards this case results in his downfall. In Act III of the play, the readers see Drummond’s quick mind, his ability to function under pressure, and his creativity. When the judge refuses all of Drummond’s witnesses he switches tactics and decides to call Brady to the stand as an “expert” on the bible. Drummond’s character serves as a foil for...
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