Inhalants: Inhalant and Illegitimate Drug Market

Topics: Inhalant, Diethyl ether, Solvent Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: December 12, 2007
Of all the drugs out there, inhalants are probably the easiest drugs anyone can obtain. Almost everyone has used inhalants from young children to full grown adults. The use of inhalants is a lot more harmful to the body physically and mentally then what most believe. So before you decide to pick up a marker and sniff it, let me give some incite on inhalants and what can be the consequences of using them. Origin

The chronic use of inhalants dates as far back as 800 B.C. During this time, prophets would inhale fumes from fissures from rock which would result in either frenzies or trances. As several years pass, around 1275 ether has been developed. By the late 1700s, people began to use ether and chloroform for anesthesia and recreation. By the 1800s, these gases were classified as lubricants and would be used at "Ether Frolic" parties. In the late 1940s, people were first documented for sniffing gasoline. By the time the 1950s blew in, gasoline sniffing became an international event. Also, other inhalants such as glue and metallic paint became a popular thing to sniff around this era. As the 1960s came around, Aerosol became the general item to huff. As time passes on into the 70s and 80s, amyl nitrate (poppers) was being sold in the illegitimate drug market as a sexual aid. Despite the risks of using amyl nitrate, it still remains a popular drug to use. In present times today, inhalants became more widespread, from paint to markers to just about any household product that has chemicals in it. Uses

Inhalants can be used in several various ways. The most common way to use inhalants is inhaling through either the mouth or nose. Another method is spraying the inhalant directly into the nose or mouth. Some people use the technique of spraying the chemicals into the bag and breathe in the fumes. Other people use the routine of soaking rags with the chemical and place it in the bag in order to sniff the fumes. Additional ways people...
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