Ingredients of Soft Drinks

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Carbonated Water
water with carbon dioxide, which is a colorless, odorless glass that creates the bubbles characteristic of carbonated drinks. Carbonated water can help speed digestion, which is part of the reason why many people sip soft drinks for relief from stomach aches. DISAD/ SIDE EFFECT

3. Increase the risk of diabetes
The high levels of sugar in soda can increase risk of diabetes. 4.Soda can cause osteoporosis( bone loss), damage teeth, kidney damage People who drink soda are at greater risk of kidney stones and kidney damage. 7. Triggers ulcer disease

Soda makes their drinkers more likely to be exposed to and exacerbate ulcer disease. 8. Soda cause dehydration
Levels of caffeine and sugar in soda can cause body dehydration. 10. Diet sodas are harmful
Diet sodas contains aspartame artificial sweetener which is related with several disorders such as phenylketonuria.

fructose corn syrup sweeter than sugar, which means that less of it is needed to sweeten a drink. The most popular artificial sweetener is aspartame, (cyclamates and saccharin) Other artificial sweeteners sometimes used include neotame, acesulfame, and sucralose. These sugar substitutes sweeten a drink without adding calories, although there is a noticeable difference in taste. Consumption of beverages containing fructose rose 135 percent between 1977 and 2001. Food and beverage manufacturers began switching their sweeteners from sucrose (table sugar) to corn syrup in the 1970s when they discovered that HFCS was not only cheaper to make, it was also much sweeter (processed fructose is nearly 20 times sweeter than table sugar), a switch that has drastically altered the American diet. DISAD

anemia, teeth cavities, osteoarthritis and other health problems. Cola Nut
blends of cocoa leaf and cola nut extract. cola nut is still a necessary ingredient that comes from two species of trees found on the Ivory Coast of Africa. The cola nut contains the alkaloids caffeine and...
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