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Topics: Management, Project management, Organizational structure Pages: 12 (4129 words) Published: March 31, 2011
Chapter 3 3-1: There is no ideal structure for all kinds of organizations or appropriate to single organization at different stages. It changes from situation to situation. Though Matrix organization structure is appropriate it has disadvantages like Conflict between line managers and project managers over resource allocation, project maintenance is difficult if teams have lot of independence and cost increases if because of lot of managers. 3-2: Organizational changing occurs at rapid rate because shorter life cycle of projects and rapidly changing environment. Traditional management is old process it does not work in many projects. Systematic planning with strong functional input will produce team work. During the transition from one organization to other there will be problems with team members on moving to new locations and status changes. In these situations it is difficult to the project manager to bring his team up. 3-3: No even though the projects are different the work by the individual should be predictable and repetitive then only individual behavior can easily integrated and workflow can be completed with less communication between individuals and functional groups. 3-4: a. Developing, manufacturing and marketing many diverse but interrelated technological products and materials Functional Organization b. Having market interests that span virtually every major industry Functional Organization c. becoming multinational with a rapidly expanding global business Divisional Organization d. Working in a business environment of rapid and drastic change, together with strong competition Matrix Organization 3-5: As the companies are growing in size there would pitfalls in organization in integrating departments. By documenting the procedures and policies, management trying to eliminate the conflicts between the departments; so every company should set some policies, procedures and rules to estimate the progress.

3-6: Project cost and Project duration: These two are inter related factors. Project cost is high in matrix and product organization structure obviously duration is very less in these structures. In the functional organizational structure cost is less but time to complete project is lags behind. We should select the structure depends on the environment. Project Scheduling: It is difficult to prepare good estimations if the project resources are less. Scheduling should meet the commitments of structure. In the pure functional organization, time and schedule were sacrificed. Matrix project management is an attempt to obtain maximum technology and performance in a costeffective manner and within time and schedule constraints. In the pure project structure, the fast reaction time keeps activities on schedule, but technology suffers because without strong functional groups. Technology Requirements: Advance technology is the most frequent cause in selecting an organization. This gives greater efficiency of the project with lower cost. Technology is the way by which tasks are accomplished using tools, equipment and techniques. The geographical locations: Business development varies from place to place profit and loss centers could not be carried out in the same manner. The location of the organization should available for resources to customers to access and give good service. The required working relationships with the customer: Business reputation has become growing challenge. The outcome of the project reviewed and commented by customer is visible to the entire world. Organizations should turn the technology to impress the customers with low prices. Organization should select their structure such that customer involvement is necessary in product design. 3-7: Advantages of superimposing one organizational form over other: i. ii. iii. Increasing the life span of an organization. We can choose the individuals according to the need of project. Specialist can be brought in to environment; we can solve the problems in...
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