Infromative Speech Outline

Topics: Piano, String instrument, Harpsichord Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Comm 101
TR 11-12:20
Informative Speech Outline
Topic: Piano
General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform the audience of the basic history of the piano, how sound is produced and the future of the piano. I. Introduction
A) Attention step: Imagine, the most beautiful sound you have ever heard, chances are that is the sound of the piano B) Thesis: The Piano is a very popular instrument
C) Preview: First we will look at how the piano began, then we will see how sound is produced, and then we will learn about where it is today & where is it headed II. Main Point: How Piano Began

A) The piano has been around since ancient times but didn’t resemble our image of the
Piano until Hermann Poll invented the clavicembalum or the “harpsichord” in 1397. B) All harpsichords and pianos are based around the harp which is a stringed instrument where strings are stretched over a bow and the strings are plucked, normally with a plectrum. C) The problem with the harpsichord was that, because of how a note was sounded,

there was only one volume and the artistic desire to control the loudness of a note
was exactly what drove Cristofori to build the fortepiano, which has a lot in common with our modern pianos even though it was built almost 300 years ago. III. Main Point: How sound is produced:

A) Here we have the action of the first grand piano made my Bartolomeo Cristofori in 1726 B) When the key is depressed, the pivoted jack pushes upwards onto a triangular block attached to the underside of the intermediate lever which then causes the hammer to strike the string, producing the sound IV. Main Point: Where the piano is today and where it is headed: A) Here is the action of a modern grand piano, there is still a lot in common with the original built almost 300 years ago B) Nowadays there are many electric keyboards on the market that are capable of producing thousands of different sounds for the modern...
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