Infrastructure of Europe

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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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Europe DBQ
Europe is a very well developed place and it’s very stable. There the infrastructure is very dependable. Infrastructure is the frameworks of a civilization it is connected to many different things. Infrastructure is important because it keeps everything in order and in one piece. For example Western Civilization was developed both by Infrastructure and diffusion of culture and religions. As you see infrastructure is important to living.

Infrastructure is the most important part of a civilization. It is so important because it is what holds together a civilization (frameworks of a civilization), what a civilization is made up of. It’s like the foundation of a house. Infrastructure is the base of the civilization. If there were no infrastructure there wouldn’t be any civilization. Some examples of infrastructure are roads, highways transportation systems, banks or hospitals. Some of the things I listed are institutional infrastructure-services you get, non-tangible also physical-tangible infrastructure. If you didn’t have those things the civilization would fall apart just like a house with no foundation. It would fall apart because people would have no house and not have anywhere to live, no roads to get where they wanted. Now institutional infrastructure is just as important as physical infrastructure. Institutional infrastructure has to do with schools, hospitals, libraries, banks, and food stores. If there were none of these things, people wouldn’t be educated at all, get sick and later die or just starve. If there were no infrastructure there wouldn't be any civilizations. Infrastructure is what makes a civilization a civilization, its very important. Europe is a very well developed place. It has many different ways of transportation like highways, waterways, railroads, and airline linkages. The European Union (EU), which was created in 1993, helps create this good infrastructure. Basically what the European Union does is the 27...
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