Infotainment Sources Dumbing Down Issues in the News

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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1702HUM Oral Presentation
“Commercial television current affairs programs in Australia have dumbed down issues” Today I will be presenting on the topic of whether commercial television current affairs programs in Australia have dumbed down issues or not. As a peer, although you may not know me, we may not exactly be friends, I believe you can still gain some further insight on where my personal interests lay regarding television media, and you will find that I am enthusiastically for the concept that these shows have dumbed down issues. Supported by scholarly readings, I will show you how and why. I mean, what is a current affairs program? How can a news program dumb down issues in Australia? These questions are answered simply, whether you work in media broadcasting or are part of the popular culture of television. 1- A current affairs program is a show like ACA with Tracy Grimshaw or Today Tonight – we’ve all endured at least 20 minutes of their televised antics. And 2 – because they are not real news programs with real news values. They exist purely for the function of entertainment, and not to seriously inform the public. Dwelling between lines of news and entertainment, commercial current affairs programs have been labelled a shorter and more realistic term to their journalism, and this is known as ‘infotainment’. James Compton, author of 2009’s ‘News as Entertainment’ has defined global infotainment as “the globalisation of ratings-driven television journalism which privileges privatized soft news – about celebrities, crime, corruption and violence – and presents it as a form of spectacle, at the expense of news about political, civic and public affairs”. This clearly defines Australian commercialisation in current affairs programs to a tee. It IS at the expense of news about real and hard issues Australians are curious to know more about every day. Regarded as an entertainment show in the media industry, we can find commonalities in current affairs...
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