Infosys Creates Cloud-Based Solution for Auto Dealers Using Sql Data Services

Topics: SQL, Infosys Pages: 2 (418 words) Published: September 23, 2009
It's a good case studies quoted from the web link here (Written by Microsoft):

Infosys Creates Cloud-Based Solution for Auto Dealers using SQL Data Services

Infosys Technologies Ltd. is an IT transformation leader for its clients around the world. With over 95,000 employees in more than 64 offices around the world, the company constantly searches for the best technology to help its customers meet their business goals. As Infosys began designing a solution to let automobile dealers share information on inventories and other resources, it wanted to offer a cloud-based solution that would be simple to deploy, easy to scale, and require zero maintenance from the customer. To create its hub-in-the-cloud solution it needed a cloud-based database, which it found with Microsoft® SQL Data Services, part of the Microsoft Services Platform. Infosys is using SQL Data Services to create a solution for auto dealers, which it can easily replicate to meet similar integration needs for healthcare, hospitality, insurance, and other industry verticals. *

* With SDS running on the Microsoft Services Platform we can give customers a zero-maintenance data hub. The cloud is becoming real. *
Jitendra Pal Thethi Principal Architect, Infosys Technologies Ltd. *

Infosys Technologies Ltd., which defines, designs and delivers technology-enabled business solutions for Global 2000 companies, continuously tracks the innovations in core technology to leverage the benefit to clients.

The company, which has over 95,000 employees in more than 64 offices around the world, is eager to offer its global customers solutions that take advantage of cloud computing, an emerging technology based on offering computing resources, applications, and storage from the Internet, or cloud. The cloud concept, which encompasses popular delivery technologies such as Software + Services and Software as a...
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