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M921 – Managing Service Operations in the Evolving Business Environments Week 6 Hang-In Assignment
Executive Report: “Infosys in China”

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Executive Summary
Infosys Technologies Limited was founded by a group of seven professionals in 1981 which relied heavily on overseas business and won several major awards over 30 years such as RMMY ‘Best in Show’ Award, Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) Award 2010, the Best ITSM (IT Service Management) Project of the year Award in Australia and so on. Infosys has grown from US$250 to US$6.35 billion in market capitalization over 30 years, and have more than 133,000 employees. Infosys has 65 offices and 63 development centres in US, Indian, China, Australian, Japan, Middle East, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Poland, Canada and many other countries.

When Infosys entered China in 2004 and contrary to popular belief they weren’t just following the rest over, they have had a clear vision of their operations in China. Infosys has a few issues to consider while operating in China, most of them arising from Infosys not being a native company. Understanding of the Chinese Legal structure which is very complicated is important if they are to base themselves out of Shanghai. The need of sourcing and training local employees is important to do so but at the same time they have a possibility of employees turning into entrepreneurs and taking clients, processes and knowledge acquired via Infosys with them. The Chinese definitely do see India as a competitor in the I.T market and also the fact that 92% of all I.T software was pirated in china does not help the cause of a Software company-Infosys.

Infosys should not only need to address above issues but also implement four steps in a successful bid to enter into China. First, working with professional and knowledgeable Chinese businessmen in order to gain a deep understanding of legal implications while doing business in China. Then Infosys need to set up a framework in conjunction with the Chinese Government and the local community. Lastly and most importantly, Infosys needs to implement sound business strategy keeping in mind the legal differences and cultural diversity with an on-going assessment of staff capability and work ethic.

Table of Contents

Issue Statement6
Analysis of the Problem7
Action and Implementation Plan9
Reference List10

Infosys Technologies Limited was founded by a group of seven professionals in 1981 which relied heavily on overseas business, their first...
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