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Infosys Security Program

Table of Contents

1Executive Summary3
1.1 About Infosys3
1.2 Competitive Edge3
2Infosys risk Mitigation policy4
3Company Focus4
3.1 Location of company and customers5
3.2 Overall Products and Services6
3.3 Company Business Portfolio7
3.3 SWOT Analysis8
4Infosys Security Program:9
4.1 Enterprise Security9
4.2 Web Based Application Security:10
5.1 About Hitachi12
6. Technologies Used13
6.1 Database Security13
6.2 IT Environment14

Executive Summary
Infosys provides consulting and IT services to clients globally - as partners to conceptualize and realize technology driven business transformation initiatives. With over 58,000 employees worldwide, we use a low-risk Global Delivery Model (GDM) to accelerate schedules with a high degree of time and cost predictability. As one of the pioneers in strategic offshore outsourcing of software services, Infosys has leveraged the global trend of offshore outsourcing. Even as many software outsourcing companies were blamed for diverting global jobs to cheaper offshore outsourcing destinations like India and China, Infosys was recently applauded by Wired magazine for its unique offshore outsourcing strategy — it singled out Infosys for turning the outsourcing myth around and bringing jobs back to the US. Infosys provides end-to-end business solutions that leverage technology. We provide solutions for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies converge. Our approach focuses on new ways of business combining IT innovation and adoption while also leveraging an organization's current IT assets. We work with large global corporations and new generation technology companies - to build new products or services and to implement prudent business and technology strategies in today's dynamic digital environment. Competitive Edge

The competitive edge of Infosys is:
•Customer Delight: A commitment to surpassing our customer expectations. •Leadership by Example: A commitment to set standards in our business and transactions and be an exemplar for the industry and our own teams. •Integrity and Transparency: A commitment to be ethical, sincere and open in our dealings. •Fairness: A commitment to be objective and transaction-oriented, thereby earning trust and respect. •Pursuit of Excellence: A commitment to strive relentlessly, to constantly improve ourselves, our teams, our services and products so as to become the best.

Infosys risk Mitigation policy:
Infosys' Global Delivery Model (GDM) has mature business continuity planning built into it. A detailed plan for risk identification, monitoring and mitigation is put together as part of project planning. This plan covers risk identification, prioritization and mitigation options. Risk mitigation tasks are executed during the project and risks are re-evaluated at regular intervals. The status of risks is continuously tracked, and reviewed using the monthly milestone Reporting mechanism.

Their Business continuity plans have a comprehensive focus on infrastructure and security redundancies:
Company Focus

Infrastructure Focus
•Well-defined Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans at organization and client level •Global de-risked development centers
•State-of-the-art fail safe network connectivity with multiple fall-back options •Interoperability to ensure seamless relocation
•Locations far away from potentially conflict-ridden zones •Fully equipped Offsite Disaster Recovery Facility in Mauritius Security Focus
•Stringent physical security and network security
•Secure Human Resources practices
•Regular external audits to ensure compliance and cover blind spots Confidentiality and Privacy Focus
•Access restrictions and controls for all Information Assets •Context-dependent security measures including physical isolation of...
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