Informative Valentines Day Speech Outline

Topics: Love, Wales, Welsh people Pages: 3 (547 words) Published: April 22, 2013

Topic: The history and a few different traditions of Valentine’s Day

General Purpose: To inform

Specific Purpose: To inform my speech class of the benefits of moderate indoor tanning.

Thesis Statement: There is actually a fascinating history behind Valentine’s Day, which I will tell you about today along with some insight to how different countries celebrate this day of love.


All of us have someone special in our lives. Whether it is a significant other, friends, or family, we all have someone, often many people, whom we love. But how often do we remember to really express the love we feel for these people? Good thing there’s a whole day devoted to love, so, at least once a year, we get the chance to tell these people how much we love and appreciate our relationships with them. That day of course is Valentine’s Day. A day for romance and splurging on gifts such as flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and those cute little teddy bears with the fluffy hearts reading “Be Mine.” Valentine’s Day in the U.S. has also become a day when merchandisers can count on making a few quick bucks, leading most to believe that this horrifically commercialized holiday was invented by the candy, jewelry, and card companies. On the contrary, there is actually a fascinating history behind Valentine’s Day, which I will tell you about today, along with some insight to how some different countries celebrate this day of love.

I. History
a. St. Valentine
i. Catholic church recognizes at least 3 different saints named Valentine or Valentinus ii. Martyred for marrying young men and women when it was outlawed by Emperor Claudius iii. St. Valentine was martyred for trying to help Christians escape from Roman prisons iv. Legend of first written valentine by St. Valentine 1. Jailor’s daughter

b. First Valentine’s Day cards
II. Different countries and...
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